Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Praises For My Husband

Mr. Man was so sweet to me last night! He knows that my back has been bothering me some over the past week, and that I've been getting very tired around dinner time. He caught me getting ready to change the laundry, and offered to start carrying baskets up and down for me - which I think is the biggest source of my backaches. Then, we played RISK with the kids, and didn't get done until late. So, instead of getting Wonder Boy to wash the dishes, I just started doing them myself. Mr. Man got the kids all settled into bed, and came in and offered to finish the dishes for me. AND offered to go and get me some Starbucks! He doesn't like having to order "fru-fru" drinks, but got me a decaf peppermint latte, just like I asked. And a brownie. I was soooo thankful for the break! It was almost like he was reading my mind - I had thought about asking him to wash the dishes (I never ask him), and had been planning to work something out with him about the laundry. It was so nice to not have to bring it up myself! It feels so good when he notices I need a little extra help and just jumps in happily! Mr. Man was my hero last night!

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