Monday, January 12, 2009

This Week's To Do List

I started this list last week, so let's see if I can tackle the rest of it (plus what I'm adding) this week!

  1. Clean the kitchen: inside fridge, inside cupboards, pantry, counters, dishes, floor, top of fridge.
  2. Laundry: change bedsheets, wash kids' bedding.
  3. Dining room: clear out clutter on top of other bookcase, organize top of scrapbook dresser.
  4. Self: drink enough fluids, take all my vitamins, have a daily quiet time.

My goal is to get enough stuff done that I can start scrapbooking again! I haven't touched any of my stuff in months and months.


Kelly said...

Wow that's ambitious! I pray you get it all accomplished.

Jen said...

Well, to be honest, my "pantry" is really just a linen closet, two feet down the hall from my kitchen. So, that won't take much to do. I also don't have all that many cupboards. I have 9 that needed to be done, and got two of them done yesterday. It's mostly going through stuff, getting rid of what I don't need, and vacuuming crumbs, etc. out of the bottom.