Thursday, May 7, 2009

KFC Follow-up

I apologize to anyone who printed the KFC coupon after seeing it here, and now can't get your free dinner at the moment. My family went tonight - the kids were SOOOOO excited about having their very own coupons! Wonder Boy made it into the door ahead of all of us (big surprise), and came back out saying, "They're not taking any more coupons!" We went in to see what the fuss was about, and apparently KFC was not prepared for the overwhelming success of a coupon campaign that was featured on OPRAH, of all places! We were given raincheck forms to fill out and turn in with our original coupons. We will supposedly receive coupons some time in the future for another free meal AND a drink (which the original deal did not include). My kids were disappointed, and I was a bit flustered because I had not made any back-up plans for dinner. Mr. Man decided it was a fine time to buy some Little Cesars pizza. Thank goodness for those $5 hot-n-ready deals! Hopefully I'll be able to report in the near future that we have enjoyed our free KFC meal.

As a side note, I called my mom while I was waiting in the van at Little Cesars. She had no problem what-so-ever getting her meal, but she lives in a small town, and I suspect there were not as many coupons printed there.

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