Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Can't Get Prices Like This at Aldi!!!

I ran to Kmart tonight - they started another round of double coupons today. I was prepared - I have all my coupons clipped and well-sorted. I started in the snack aisle, because that is the first food aisle, and we are pretty set on toiletries and cleaning supplies for now. Once I finished in the snack aisle, I hadn't reached the 25 coupon limit yet, so I went straight across to the condiment aisle. That way, I didn't have anything that should be cold getting warm while I waited for the kids to finish at church. Here is what I scored tonight:

1 bottle of Tabasco sauce: $.19
1 bottle of Hunt's ketchup: free
2 bottles of Hunt's ketchup: $.25 each
4 bottles of French's worcestershire sauce: free
3 boxes of Triscuit crackers: $.50 each
2 boxes of Wheat Thin crackers: $.50 each
1 box of Wheat Thin Artisan crackers: $.50
3 boxes of Wheat Thin Artisan crackers: free
4 boxes of Ritz crackers: $.50 each
1 jar of Peter Pan peanut butter: $.50
2 bottles of A1 marinade: free

My total before coupons was $50 and change. My total after coupons: $6.19!!!

I plan to make 3 trips tomorrow - I'm trying to see how much I can stock up on in the area of groceries for the lowest amount. Too bad there aren't coupons out there for the necessities, like produce and meat!


Yara said...

nice! so where do you get your coupons... I don't get a newspaper, but maybe I should...

Faith Imagined said...

I found you through CWO blogroll! This post is amazing!!! My husband would sure love if I developed this talent!!! Haha!!!