Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hide The Silver!

I only have a minute, but wanted to share a quick, easy, FREE way to hide grey hairs: try parting your hair differently. I have been, um, "blessed" with a growing amount of silver hair since I was a teen. I am 32 now, and it is beginning to bother me. Especially since I quit coloring my hair a couple of years ago. To add to my frustration, I also have a fair amount of baby hair growing back under my bangs, thanks to post-partum hair loss. Which means I not only have silver hair, mostly congregating near my part, but it is short, spiky, and attention-seeking. Yes, while I do not put on make-up every day, nor do I do anything fancy with my hair, I am vain enough that these little hairs bother me. Out of frustration, I tried parting my hair on the opposite side. TA DA!!! It's like magic! There are hardly any bright, silvery strands on that side, let alone spiky little rebellious baby hairs. And, while I am waiting for those annoying baby hairs to settle down some, I believe I will try one of the home hair color remedies I found on Mother Earth News.


Kelly said...

My husband has had gray in his hair since I met him when he was 19! Poor guy, it's just multiplies as the years go by too. I've always had those baby hairs in the front. Drive me nuts.

Jen said...

Kelly, I come by the silver honestly - my dad had some when my parents started dating at 15! Even Little Miss, at 8 months old, has one. And, I've always had a few baby hairs at the front, but this is definitely regrowth from post-partum loss, like I said. It's really annoying, and I know it will continue to be until it gets to the same length as the rest of my bangs.

redeemed diva said...

I love it! It's like the bald comb-over for women. I just found another gray hair the other day..I'm still working through it, but this post has given me hope ;)