Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TOS Review: Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space

While choosing a science curriculum for my children a few years ago, I came across the Christian Kids Explore... series from Bright Ideas Press.  I ended up using (and loving) the Biology edition.  I was happy to be chosen to review the Earth & Space edition, since I liked my original purchase so much! 

The first thing that is different from when I purchased the Biology edition is the option to purchase a downloadable "student activity book".  You can print all the worksheets, maps, coloring pages, etc., right from your computer, rather than trying to photocopy it out of the book.  The pages look so much nicer when they're printed!  And, yes - the publisher has granted permission (in the front of the book) to make copies for your student, classroom, or co-op.  I love it when a publisher is realistic about how homeschoolers use their curriculum!

Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space is written for grades 3 to 6.  My children are in 6th grade this year, and still enjoy the lessons.  Written by Stephanie L. Redmond, the material has a light, conversational tone and really keeps my kids' interest.  The lessons are fairly short when used at the 6th grade level, and we are actually alternating days with the Biology edition (it was too much for my kids when we first got it in 2nd grade, and then life happened).  There are lots of hands-on activities interspersed with the book work, so it keeps Wonder Boy happy.  A lot of the first lessons deal with making models of the earth with clay, and he loves anything to do with clay.  I routinely find gobs of clay around the house, in a variety of shapes.  So, to be "required" to play work with clay makes his day!  Super Girl loves the coloring pages.  They are very detailed, and she still loves coloring.  I appreciate the vocabulary words, but most of all I appreciate the young Earth, Christian world view that is found in this curriculum.  That was what I was seeking most of all in a science curriculum, and it is why I will not sell these books until I am absolutely done homeschooling!  I hope that I am able to find something similar at a higher level when my children are ready to move on, but for now, I look forward to using the other Christian Kids Explore... editions in the next year or two.

You can purchase the Christian Kids Explore... series from Bright Ideas Press at www.brightideaspress.com.  The two editions for 3-6 grades are $34.95 each, with the downloadable student activity books on sale for $7.95 right now.  The two editions for grades 4-8 are $39.95 for the new second edition (the first editions are also on sale right now), with the downloads on sale for $9.95.  Bright Ideas Press is also the publisher of The Mystery of History series - another curriculum that I use and love!

***Disclaimer:  I received the Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space book and download set in exchange for my review through TOS Homeschool Crew.  All opinions are my own.

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