Monday, December 22, 2008

So Tired . . .

We spent another day at the warehouse today. I ended up wearing 3 sweatshirts. By this afternoon, we had in all the Angel Tree gifts that we were going to get before distribution. We spent the rest of the time making up bags for the kids who did not get anything from the Angel Tree. Some of them were really HARD - the kids were teens and not really into anything we had, or the parents had asked for outlandishly expensive things that we didn't have anyway, and gave no other clues as to what the kids were into. I really disliked having to guess what a child liked. Not all boys are into sports and stuff, and not all girls are girly.

I strongly campaigned for my mom to not accept any requests next year for video games or systems, Ipods, designer clothes, or things that cost more than $50 or so. We didn't get even ONE of those items in. There were maybe 2 kids who got video games, and those weren't very expensive ones. I told her that if she's going to take requests for those things, she's got to at least make sure she gets a better idea of what the kids like ASIDE from the expensive stuff. I think it's ridiculous for a mom to request for her 4 kids: a Baby Phat coat, an Ipod, a Nintendo DS, a WII, an electric guitar, and a good digital camera. The first three things were all for one kid, and all the mom requested for her. Thankfully, my mom knew the people, and was able to give me some direction for the girl! I understand not being able to provide Christmas gifts for your child, but when the only items requested are all $100 and over, I have to wonder if that family really needs help, or if they're just signing up because their income qualifies them.

I'm way too tired and ill feeling right now - I need to stop my ranting and go to bed!

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