Monday, January 5, 2009


I realized last night that I hadn't made a list of resolutions for this year, as I normally do. Over the past few years, I've taken to making a list of long-term goals for the year, some medium-length ones, and some short-term goals. I decided that, this year, I just have WAY too much to accomplish to do that. I decided I'm going to post weekly or even daily goals. I was going to use the "to-do list" gadget, but it seems to be broken. So, I'll just post my lists in the regular fashion, and edit it later as I get done.

My list for today:
  1. Clean the kitchen: inside fridge, inside cupboards, pantry, stove top, counters, dishes, floor, top of fridge.
  2. Laundry: change bedsheets, wash blankets.
  3. Dining room: clear table, go through clutter on one of the bookcases.
It is already noon. If I can get all that done today, I will feel awesome! And, reward myself by going to Moms' group tonight (I'll do that, anyway!).

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iateanappl said...

yay Jen! you go! Drew is still alseep on me or I'd be up working.

I like you listing your todo's here. I'll join you sometime I'm sure :).

i did a bunch of stuff last night preparing for today. My main ones today are to wipe my floors and take all of the stuff off the island that dh put there :). We will have one visitor and their child wes' age over tonight so that will help in motivating me, even though i know they probably won't notice everything I've done in preparation and still will do :).