Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Day, Lots of Errands

I try to save my errands so I can do them on days like today, when I have a midwife appointment. The midwife's office is 20 minutes or so from my house, and so are some of the shops I need to go to, like the office supply store and the "good" (read: BIG) craft store. I also discovered there is a fabric store a few blocks from the midwife's office. Guess where I'm heading before my appointment?

The kids won't be happy with me later - we also have errands to run out in the other direction this afternoon. I have an appointment to pick up some second-hand homeschool materials we need, and I'm going to make a stop at a new dairy and another fabric store out that way. I figure, I might as well! The kids will probably get a (gross) fast food lunch out of the deal, so they'll at least enjoy that.

I'm hoping today will be fairly enjoyable - the kids tend to get annoying in the van. They pick at each other and bicker. I can always hope they'll behave today, right?

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