Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Creative Organization, Part 2 - Master Bedroom

Moving on to my own bedroom, I will start with the closet. On the closet shelf is my stock pile of toiletries. When I get a good deal on something, I stock up. I've got at least 10 bottles of shampoo up there, which I paid about $0.25 a piece for. There's quite a bit of stuff up there - so much so, that I'm afraid the shelf will collapse if I approach it with anything else for a while! There is also a folding baby tub up there, waiting for someone to bathe in it. Mr. Man's dresser is in the closet - it is one of those tall, skinny dressers - I don't know the technical term for it. Under the dresser are my shoes. I've only got a handful of pairs. And, they were all bought second-hand. The other half of the closet has our hanging clothes in it, and under those is a tub full of Mr. Man's stuff.

Under the bed is a tub full of craft supplies for our homeschool coop this fall. I need to see if I can store it at the church - that would give me more space! There are also some things under there that I'm saving for Super Girl's hope chest. I really could store more under the bed if I had more containers. I'm not brave enough to put our bed on risers.

In the corner is the pack-n-play, which will serve as Sweet Pea's crib. Inside, under the bassinet portion, I'm storing the Bumbo seat I was gifted with. There's more room in there, too. In another corner is the dresser (again - tall, skinny) that used to house craft supplies. I downsized my stash, and have repurposed the dresser for baby clothes and supplies. The cot I mentioned previously is shoved beside this dresser, but it will be going under Super Girl's bed once I get it raised. I have some books stored on top.

Lastly, there is a long, low dresser which houses my clothes. Underneath, there are my geneaology materials. On top, there is a set of plastic bins for diapers, etc. - baby things that I like to keep in easy reach. The remainder of the top has a wipe warmer (filled with cloth wipes, waiting to be moistened and plugged in when baby comes!) and the changing pad from the pack-n-play. There was more room to put it on the dresser top rather than trying to stand at the pack-n-play to use it.

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