Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More diapers

Little Miss happily wore the tiny newborn diapers I made for her . . . for a couple of weeks. Then they started getting tight on her. If I had made the wings longer, they would have been fine. It was a good thing that they ended up not being water-proof, though. I was able to squeeze a couple more weeks out of them by leaving them undone and just using the covers to hold the diapers on. I'm not finished making the next size up - I have 11 completed, and 2 more that are partially done - not to mention the numerous pieces that are cut out but still unsewn.

On the left you can see one of the newborn diapers I made. On the right, one of the "size 1" diapers I made. I bought a pattern this time - Darling Diapers Unlimited. I technically made the newborn size of that pattern, also, but it obviously runs so much larger than the pattern I drafted! I made them with pale pink PUL on the outer surface, and minky on the inner surface. There is a layer of French terry (from re-purposed baby towels) sandwiched in between. The soaker (the long thing that lays over top) has 3 layers of micro-fiber inside, with minky on top and some re-purposed t-shirt on the back.

If you've never used diapers like this before, then you can see from the picture above that the soaker, even though it looks too big, does in fact fit in the diaper very nicely. I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out, even though I got to the point were I didn't care what they looked like, as long as they were functional. Half of them have a clover green inner, instead of the darker pink. They work the same, though. Hopefully I can get a few more finished soon. Little Miss still hasn't settled into a routine yet, making it difficult to get much done. I'm half-tempted to just keep washing these twice a day and start on the next size, knowing that I should have them all done by the time she grows out of these ones!

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