Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's For Dinner?

I have discovered that I shop more efficiently (in regards to both time and money) when I have an idea of what meals I'm going to make. I try to plan the majority of meals around things I need to use up in the fridge, and things in the pantry. I also tend to do my shopping for two weeks at a time. I do not assign meals to specific days, as I find the flexibility fits our life better. Here is my current two-week dinner menu:

* Baked potatoes with chicken alfredo sauce; California veggie blend
* Florentine stuffed pasta shells; tossed salad
* Chicken alfredo pizza (just cheese for the kids); tossed salad
* Applesauce pancakes; bacon
* Tuna melt sandwiches; peas
* Meatballs & rice; green beans
* Macaroni & cheese; carrots
* Meatloaf; mashed potatoes, peas
* Monte Cristo sandwiches; cantaloupe
* Chili; cornbread
* Mushroom soup & hot pockets
* Sloppy joes; green beans
* Baked chicken; carrots
* Little Caesar's pizza

BTW, the picture above is of the beer-can chicken and roasted potatoes I made a couple of weeks ago. They looked so good, I just had to take a picture!


LenoraLynne said...

:) I ALWAYS shop better if I have an idea of the meals I will be making and what I have and don't have in my freezer and pantry!
The meals sound really good too!

aardvark said...

aardvark wants recipes :) puh-leeeeeez