Thursday, November 5, 2009


Confession #1: I had oatmeal with chopped fun-size Baby Ruth bars in it for breakfast this morning. What?!? Quaker sells chocolate and marshmallow instant oatmeal for kids, so it's not that weird! And, at least my oatmeal started out organic!

Confession #2: I had the same. exact. thing. yesterday for breakfast.

Confession #3: I have the Christmas music digital cable channel playing on my television.

Confession #4: I played it yesterday, too. What can I say - it's mostly the "classic" Christmas music from the 40s to the 60s, the stuff my parents played when I was a kid. I love it! Any time I find one of the albums they had on cd, I snatch it up. It helps that it's the kind of stuff that's usually in the bargain bins. Even Mr. "I don't like Christmas stuff" Man will tolerate a little Christmas Elvis!


Kelly said...

They are all completely acceptable :o)

Michelle said..., I had candy hte other day for breakfast and NOTHING else.