Monday, April 26, 2010

Made-By-Me Monday

Welcome to the first installment of "Made-By-Me" Monday, wherein I post pictures of things I have made in the previous week. This will serve two purposes: to allow me to brag about my crafting accomplishments, and to encourage you to post photos of your own! Because, if you are anything like me, while my dear daughter oohs and aahs over my endeavors, my husband and son are less enthusiastic in their appreciation, and I don't want to bore them with the details. So, let's begin, shall we?

First up, we have a pair of baby slippers. I used the FREE pattern at Stardust Shoes, along with a second-hand flannel receiving blanket and a remnant of fleece. I didn't get them made until Little Miss was already 6 months old, which meant that they were exactly the right length and they no longer fit her now. I have enlarged the pattern and am going to attempt a larger pair. And, you caught me - I didn't make these this week. But, I wanted to share them, anyhow!

Next is a tote bag. I tend to carry an all-in-one purse/diaper bag combo, but that leaves me in a bind on Sunday mornings when I leave Little Miss in the church nursery. I made this bag, and have a smaller matching zip-up bag cut out to use as a clutch which I can then pull out and carry with me while leaving the larger bag with the baby. I used two fabrics I bought on clearance at JoAnn (while they were on an additional 50% off sale), a bit of brown microsuede, and Simplicity pattern #2551, which I purchased for 99 cents on sale. I made view "A".

Here is a look at the inside. There are 4 pockets inside, 2 outside.

I'm fairly pleased with how the bag turned out, though I could have sewn the curves on the front and back panels better - I made the mistake of stretching them straight as I was sewing, so they don't lay quite right. But, it is functional, and it looks decent, by my own standards.

What have you made lately? If you have pictures of a recent crafting project, post a link in the comments (next week, I hope to have a Mr. Linky set up). Share your creative side!


Janette Wright said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes, it does seem you don't need to re-energize by creating. I too created a lot when my children were young, so my post is after going through the teen years with four, and so missing the creative side of life. Your crafts are beautiful...continue to enjoy.

Jen said...

Janette - Don't get me wrong. I don't create a lot right now. Hence the pile of sewing supplies in my dining room. If I had the time to do a bit each day, I'd be more productive. I do feel that I need to be creative, and that by doing so, I find a bit of myself again and am a better wife and mother for it. I understand the need for that outlet, especially as a mother who homeschools and is focused on home and children and family all day and night. When I am crafting, though I may be making something for or about someone else, it is still "me" time!

Marcy said...

Great tote! I think I need to do the made-by-me Monday posts too!

TheCraftBarn said...

Following you via Tuesday Tag-Along! Come and visit if you get a chance!
Jennifer @ The Craft Barn