Friday, October 22, 2010

KT Tunstall Review

*Note: This is disc is not Christian music. I have not received a physical copy of the disc yet, so I cannot attest to the contents of the lyrics, but I did not notice anything offensive to me during my limited listening (1 1/2 times through).

Thanks to the One2One Network, I was able to review KT Tunstall's newest album, Tiger Suit. I was excited about this opportunity, because I already like KT Tunstall. I've been hooked since I first heard "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree." This new album is pretty easy to listen to, with songs ranging from mellow to peppy. Even the more mellow songs are still upbeat. My favorite two are the opening song, "Uummannaq" and "(Still A) Weirdo".

The One2One site had this to say about the album:
Tiger Suit heralds the beginning of a new musical adventure for KT. Organic instrumentation is blended with dance-friendly textures, the results of which she has dubbed “Nature Techno” to encapsulate the album’s collision of raw, upfront rootsiness and sleek electronic textures.

I can definitely see myself listening to this disc on a lazy Saturday afternoon, putzing around the house, and I look forward to listening to it some more!

*Please also note: These are my own honest opinions. The only compensation I received for this review was a digital copy of the cd mentioned.