Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pamper Some Body!

I have been browsing through my bookmarks, and realized I have quite a few DIY bath and body recipes saved. With Mother's Day coming up, I thought it might be nice to compile some of them into one place. These recipes would be good for any gal in your life (yourself included!), or even just everyday use for your family. I haven't tried any of them yet, but I'm working on gathering the ingredients and can't wait to make some of them and replace some of the conventional products in my bathroom!
  • First up are 9 recipes from Total Beauty. Recipes included are: an egg mask, carrot buttermilk mask, lettuce cleansing lotion (this one sounds interesting!), rose toner, body wash, flower petal steam facial, travel facial towels (I plan to make these with witch hazel and cloth wipes, instead of vodka and paper towels), sesame body butter, and gardener's hand cream.
  • Make-Stuff has a post with a basic shampoo recipe, variations for oily and dry hair, conditioner, dry shampoo, and even hair gel! I'm not sure I could get Mr. Man to try homemade hair gel. Maybe if I didn't tell him...
  • A Sonoma Garden has a lot of homemaking how-tos down the left side of the blog, including homemade deodorant, lotion, and chapstick. There are also printable labels down the right side!
  • The gals at Gooseberry Patch have a recipe for vanilla brown sugar scrub, complete with a cute printable label, too!
  • I'm really excited about this one! Stacy at Delighting In The Days has a bunch of great bath and body recipes, including belly butter and a homemade vapor rub! I can't wait to make that one!
  • Leslie over at Crunchy Betty has a plethora of natural beauty recipes! I'm especially interested in her post about using soap nuts, and cinnamon as an alternative for bronzer. One word of warning, though - the image on her blog header is a 1940s pin-up girl, and I know some of you may not care for that. I thought I'd let you know ahead of time!
  • There is another deodorant recipe at Journey to "Green".
  • Lastly, have you heard of Made-On hard lotion? Well, they tell you how to make your own on their site! Just scroll down beneath the video for the instructions.

If you have a favorite bath and body recipe, be sure to leave a comment and share it!

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