Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly Deals

We've been having an interesting week, so I'm getting these posted a little later than I wanted to. I do my drug store shopping on Sundays, because if I don't, I am unlikely to be able to get the ones I want. So, I've had these pictures sitting in my camera since Sunday night.

CVS deals:

At CVS, I got the following: 3 12-packs of diet Mt. Dew, 2 boxes of Rice Krispies, 2 boxes of Raisin Bran, 2 boxes of Apple Jacks, 6 bottles of Honest Tea (I drank one), a bottle of Super Bubbles, a Russel Stover chocolate bunny, 2 bottles of Your Life gummy vitamins, 2 Revlon lip glosses, 2 tubs of Sunsweet bite-size prunes, 2 bottles of Flex-a-min, 8 packs of "5" gum, and 2 different sets of hair "pretties". I also got a 12-pack of Scott toilet paper, but it wouldn't fit on my counter with everything else. The Mt. Dew was on a rain check, the Flex-a-min has already found a new home with my mom, I got the Revlon lip glosses for $1.50 each after coupons (I really like them), and Super Girl needed more hair elastics with this warm weather - the Scunci brand happened to be BOGO 1/2 off, so I also got clips for Little Miss.

After coupons and ECBs, I spent $47.27 for $172.09 worth of items. I saved 73% - not as good as last week (91%!). I don't have any ECBs for next week, but I now have plenty of UPCs to turn in for the Kellogg's cereal rebate. In fact, since you can do this rebate 5 times, I'm on my way to having enough for a second submission. The Raisin Bran is all gone, by the way. I guess that's what happens when you're pregnant and cereal is especially appealing!

Walgreens deals:

At Walgreens, I got 2 bags of Kettle chips (the sea salt and black pepper flavor was pretty good!), 2 bottles of Heinz vinegar, 2 bottles of All laundry detergent, a package of Lansinoh nursing pads, a package of Lansinoh milk storage bags, 2 tubes of Biore face scrubs, 2 boxes of Biore pore strips, 4 packs of Glade scented oil candles, 4 boxes of Garnier HerbaShine hair color, 4 packs of Stride gum, a tube of Lansinoh lanolin, 2 Revlon nail polishes, 3 bottles of Fiber Gummies (I give these to Little Miss), 2 packs of Carefree panty liners, and 7 Snickers eggs. In addition to those items, I also picked up some things for Super Girl's birthday later this month, and Easter - a Crayola notebook with a color changing pen, a book of Lisa Frank stickers, a fashion designer pad with stencils, 2 Littlest Pet Shop sets, and 2 Bakugon sets I found on the clearance shelf (for Wonder Boy). The rest of the gifts were full price, and I don't usually shop for gifts at Walgreens, but these were items I'd not seen anywhere else, and really stuck in my mind for Super Girl. The Lansinoh items had a coupon in the monthly book, and I also had a manufacturer's coupon for each, so I got them for my "after baby" stash.

After coupons and RRs, I spent $109.57 for $227.43 worth of merchandise. WAY more than I usually spend at Walgreens, but I still saved 52%. Not as good as last week's 72%, though.

Lastly, my mom and brother were here Sunday night, so on Monday we went thrift store hopping. I scored big on maternity clothes at our local charity shop: 4 pairs of jeans, a pair of shorts, a skirt, 3 tops, and a light cotton sweater (perfect for summer!). I also picked up a ducky for Little Miss (she loves them!), an enamel skillet and mugs, a small roasting pan, and a Video Now Jr. The video player included a case and 6 discs of full-length preschool shows! I let Little Miss play with it a little when I got it home, but am going to keep it put away for longer trips. It happened to be 1/2 off day, and I got all these things for $34! I was so happy, because I only had two pairs of maternity pants that fit me, and not many more lighter weight tops, either.

Do you play the "drugstore game"? I get all my deals from two places: Hip2Save (she has a great customizable, printable list), and MoneySavingMom. These two gals save me a LOT of time! You can go there to check out this week's deals. I hope I inspired you to save some money!

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