Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sewing For Kids - A List of FREE Tutorials

Last week I shared some tutorials and patterns for things to sew for babies. I've still got sewing on the brain, so I thought I'd do up a list for kids, from toddlers to tweens. Some are practical things, some are things you can help your child make for themselves or a friend. Some are just plain fun!

  • I think Super Girl and I need some of the headbands at Brown Paper Packages. I know I have all the stuff for them, and they would make an easy afternoon project for us! She also has a cute Memory game you can make, as well as LOTS of tutorials for little girls dresses.
  • At Infinite Freedom, you can find a free pattern for an American Girl doll dress, as well as a doll quilt designed for a girl to make herself.
  • Ellie Inspired has shared an apron, a couple of dresses, a beret and sailor collar, and a necktie for little boys. I think her Sweet Apple Frock is adorable!
  • Find instructions for a capelet, pettiskirts for girls and dolls, another headband, an American Girl doll skirt, and a child's chef's hat at You Can Make This.
  • If you look down the left-hand side of Fishsticks Designs, you will see tutorials for a tank top, several bags of different shapes and sizes, a fabric garland, and a pillow case, as well as hints on sewing with knits (something I need to look into!).
  • Made By Rae has a fleece hat tutorial, and she also just posted a cute wristlet pattern.
  • Make a dress for your little gal out of a men's dress shirt with the instructions at Made. She also has tutorials for several skirts, pants, shorts, and shirts. I think her 90 minute shirt just kept me from buying a pattern!
  • Does someone in your house believe in the Tooth Fairy? How about this adorable Tooth Fairy pillow? Mmmcrafts also has a cute monkey doll pattern that is free.
  • You can find all kinds of little bags and pouches at Noodlehead, including a boys wallet and a gun sleeve (Wonder Boy would LOVE the gun sleeve!). There is also a bike bucket and cloth sandwich bags to be made!
  • Do your kids love to make forts out of the dining table? Then you need the tutorial at Obsessively Stitching! After that, browse through her whole list of other tutorials, including fleece stuffed animals, dresses, a toddler robe out of dish towels!, storage cubes, several other tents of varying shapes and sizes, and a shopping cart seat belt - I need one of these!
  • Maybe you know a little girl that just "needs" a petty skirt? There is a tutorial at Make It and Love It! Then check out the rest of her tutorials - under "Making & Altering Clothing", there are several projects for kids such as skirts, t-shirt dresses, flag shirts for the 4th of July, making jeans into shorts, and embellishing t-shirts for both boys and girls. Be sure to also check out her "Re-Purposing" category, to see ideas of how to re-use clothing that might be stained or torn, but still has a lot of life in the fabric. And, even though the category is called "Baby/Toddler", there are quite a few things for kids older than that, like I Spy bags, belts, art smocks, and doll diapers.
  • One thing I've been wanting to make for Little Miss is some felt play food. There are instructions for a few different items at One Inch World - farfalle noodles, lettuce, tomato slices, lollipops, and ravioli - just look down the right side of the page. There are also a few other things of interest - little felt doll chairs, candy corn hair clips, and fillable soft eggs (I would love to have had some at Easter!).
  • Pink Penguin has several tutorials down the right side of her blog: a wristlet, a lunch bag, placemats, a pencil case, and fabric bins. She likes to quilt and use patchwork - if that's not your thing, I don't see why you couldn't just use solid pieces of cloth of equivalent sizes.
  • I like the t-shirt ruffle scarf and ruffle necklace waffle shirt at Ruffles And Stuff. There's even something to make for boys on such a girly site - a hat and scarf from a sweater.
I hope you've enjoyed this list, and found something you just have to make! I know my sewing wish list just got longer! If you have a favorite tutorial that you don't see on this list, feel free to leave it in a comment!

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