Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Days of ... Preschooling with Pinterest - Day 2

Most little kids love to paint.  Unfortunately, paints can be pricy, especially if they're specialty ones, and the ingredients oh-so-mysterious.  Remember how funny tempera paint smells?  Today I am talking about paints - the kind you make yourself.  I have several ideas on my Pinterest board of preschool stuff, just begging for you to try them!

  • Bath tub paints.  When I decided to try this idea, I actually combined a post (which I've lost) about tub crayons and the post from Meet the Dubiens about tub paint.  I got a set of small, plastic containers that have screw-on lids, and decided to use Wilton frosting colors rather than food coloring.  And, WOW, did the colors come out vibrant!  Also, I used some old tear-free shampoo we had sitting around, rather than bubble bath.  It was translucent pink to begin with, but you couldn't tell when I was done!  I did notice that my paints separated a little between uses, but all I did was stir them up when we were ready to use them again, and all was fine.  Don't be concerned about how bright the colors are - it washes off (and out!) with no trace.  Maybe because the dye is mixed into the soap first?  The one thing I don't like about the recipe is that there tends to be some corn starch left in the tub once it has drained.  It just needs a bit of rinsing again afterward, if it bothers you.  Little Miss loves her bathtub paints, and I'm due to make some more as our little bowls are almost empty!
One thing I love, love, love about all of these recipes is that with the exception of the bubble bath, all the ingredients are food!  If your little guy decides to taste-test a gob of finger paint, no worries!!!  Plus, all of these things are items that most people have on hand!  So, what are you waiting for?  Go make some paint!

Oh, and come back tomorrow for a discussion about dough!

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Dawn said...

What a wonderfully helpful post! Yes, paints - something we know all too well. Blessings!