Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Days of... Preschooling with Pinterest: Day 4

Let's talk about the busy-ness of it all.  If you have a preschooler, then you know there are times when you want to keep them a little... independently busy, shall I say?  Maybe you need to help an older child with their school work, finish making dinner, or just have a few minutes of quiet.  What's that?  You don't want to necessarily plop them down in front of the tv?  Well, fortunately for you, I have some "busy" activities on my Preschool Pinterest board!

  • The Princess and the Tot does up what looks like a different tray for her little guy for each day of the week.  If you have a little one like mine, who wants to be on the couch as much as the "big" people are, then a tray would be great because it gives them a surface to work on, and helps contain any small items that might be part of the activity.
  • Have you heard of busy bagsSecond Story Window has loads of ideas to help you fill bags for your little one.  They also host an exchange!  Busy bags are great because they are portable, meaning that you can take them with you if you know you will have to wait somewhere that will challenge your preschooler's ability to behave - like a doctor's office or a government office.  The Princess and the Tot also has some ideas, as well as an alternative idea to the typical zip-lock bag as container.  Money Saving Mom has some ideas on her blog, as well.
  • Does your little one like to do worksheets?  You can find lots of preschool printable packs at 2 Teaching Mommies.  You can find more at Over The Big Moon.  
  • Maybe you just want some coloring pages?  I love the animal pictures from Louise Elliott Design.  Each animal features regional folk art patterns!  There are some cute religious coloring pages at Karla Dornacher's site.
Make sure to come back tomorrow for Day 5 - anything goes!

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Modest Mama said...

This looks so great! Now I just need the time to prepare some of these items!