Thursday, December 25, 2008

Is this the last year for Santa?

Christmas is done. I am sort of relieved. I spent a restless night last night, concerned that the kids would think Santa didn't come, and wondering why he didn't. See, we didn't have ANY gifts under the tree that were marked from "Santa", and there were only a couple small things that weren't wrapped - none of them things the kids had asked for. But, this morning they seemed happy, and enjoyed their stockings, even though there wasn't a lot in them (especially compared to previous years).

I think this may be the last year for Santa. Wonder Boy will be very-nearly-10 next December, and Super Girl will be 8 1/2. I think I'll be relieved when they don't believe any more. It's easy to explain "we just didn't have as much money this year", but not easy to explain why Santa didn't bring anything they asked for. I'm relieved that they didn't really seem to notice. I have to discuss it with Mr. Man, but I don't want to "do" Santa (or all those other holiday characters) with the new baby. It won't be old enough to understand even a little bit until 2011 - I'm certain by then the older two won't believe in Santa any more. Playing Santa really is more fun when you can afford some of the stuff on their wish list.

Next year I'm looking forward to focusing more on the real reason for Christmas. I never feel like we do as much as we should.

On a side-note: my mom and brother ordered bockwurst for Christmas again! I was sort of disappointed, because I thought we hadn't gotten any (usually I help pay for it, instead of my mom). But, I was the one surprised on Christmas morning this year! YUM!

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